• Product Description


      Catalina, the lovely entrance and/or hall-way table. How beautiful are her curves and bevels! We loved reviving this piece to give her a fresh new look. Her light and versatile decorative paint finish means she will fit beautifully into modern style homes. Using three different hues from the Artisan Company colour range, we were able to give her movement and life through brush strokes and coloured waxes. While she is full of depth and interest her lovely bright colouring creates and fresh and calming mood.

      What we did:

      Painted in Sea Mist Premium Chalk paint - a light soft grey, then waxed all over with The Artisan Company Dark wax. Over the top of the Dark wax to give her a light and bright feel we used a Beluga coloured wax - a cool off white.


      Height 730, Depth 400, Length 900


      Inspired by this project book into Renaissance Studio workshop click here