• Product Description

      Dusky Pink is one of those colours that can be very particular, it can mean different things for different people, some like it really dusky to almost a taupe pink, some like it a little pinker, some a pale version.  With the Artisan Company's 'Mix It' Tin you  can mix and control  the level of "duskiness" to suit you, as well as how pink you want to go and then also have the ability to adjust how light you want your pink to be, overall giving you the freedom to create your perfect shade of Dusky Pink. 

      If you decide to use this dusky pink recipe in your next project be sure to send us a photo through to sales@renaissancestudio.co.nz as we would love to see! 

      To create a wide range of Dusky Pinks all you need is the following colours : 

      1 Litre Albert Bridge Chalk Paint 
      125ml Stonebreaker Chalk Paint  
      125ml Crystal Chalk Paint  

      If you don't know how to mix or think it's too hard, watch this VIDEO 

      All of these Chalk paint colours can be purchased on our website under Vintro Chalk Paints.  


      Be sure to have fun & happy mixing!!