• Product Description

      Mirabelle is a unique hand-carved, antique Mahogany display cabinet with grand proportions and scale. Using a cool-toned palette from The Artisan Company, we created a softly textured and layered decorative paint finish, her internals creating a contrast with a smooth and velvety, luxurious finish.

      Mirabelle is a statement piece but soft and subtle to work with modern or traditional tones. Her scale makes her the perfect piece to anchor your living space, paying homage to the precious items on display. Her storage cupboard below is wide and spacious as there are no partitions, adding to the practicality of the piece. We think she would look beautiful in a hallway, or in the dining or living room, as she adds great height and interest. 

      What we did:

      Painted in Bach Blue Premium Chalk paint and waxed with a Beluga coloured wax. Her internals painted with Velvet Luxe in Beluga. We highlighted the bevels and details with Silver Glide. 


      Hight 1890, Length 1510, Depth 420.