• Product Description

      I love nothing more than soft lighting. Very rarely, do I have overhead lights on, instead I choose to have softly lit lamps and the essence of candles filling the rooms with beautiful fragrances. The ambience and mood that this creates will deliver a relaxing setting, well deserved at the end of your day. So often we come home and turn the bright over head lights on, but take a moment to change the effect in your space, by turning on your lamps and lighting your candles and you will find that that you have instantly created an inner sanction that is calm and restful.

      'Natalie' has been transformed in to an elegant piece that has been finished with an earthy green, enhanced by Dark Wax, adding age, depth and warmth and lifted by adding Metallic Glide to highlight some of her detailing.  Her finish is versatile, soft and restful. 

      What we Did:

      Painted in The Artisan Company Rubbed Sage Premium Chalk Paint, Dark Wax and Forgotten Gold Glide.


      Diameter of bottom of shade 440

      Height 1730