• Product Description

      'Sirine' is an antique Victorian Console Table revived with The Artisan Company's Premium Chalk Paint and products.  A lovely textural blend of three neutral chalk paint tones gives the piece plenty of depth and movement.  A soft dry brush of a warm white over the top creates a smooth cohesion between the underlying tones.  Her beautiful earthy glow brings a certain warmth to the space surrounding her.  

      What we Did:

      Painted in Artisan Potters Clay, Mali and Peony Premium Chalk Paint blend.  We used Wild Tusk to dry brush over the entire piece.  Marko Bronze Glaze was applied to the entire piece and buffed back.  To finish we used the new Bronzanite Glide to enhance the bevelled edges and curves.


      Height 700,  Length 1200, Depth 500