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- Bespoke Hand Painted Furniture.

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When you enter Renaissance Studio you can expect to find a place full of creative ideas and inspiration when it comes to transforming your furniture and space with The Artisan Company Premium Paints. Decorative Painting for us is all about having the freedom to create stunning finishes and having the tools to bring your imagination to life, to customise, revive or create something that is cohesive, artful and beautifully bespoke for your interior space. There is an in store paint bar where you can receive a complimentary demonstration and watch your chosen colours and finishes come to life and for that finishing touch a beautiful selection of homewares, french soaps, lighting, artwork and more.


From humble beginnings starting in an Auckland garage, to building a name and reputation for creating artistic bespoke hand painted effects and finishes for high value commissioned paint projects. A Company created by Artisans and born out of their love for decorative painting and passion for creating bespoke interiors, it's not your usual paint manufacturers story, this one starts with them being Artisans first.

Individually crafted using a process of artistic traditional methods of mixing pigments together with utilising leading technology where they have the ability to disperse as little as an exact 0.01 of a ml of colour to build a complex underlying depth. Paints are water-based, have low or minimal VOC content & are virtually odourless.



Having the right tools is everything when it comes to painting and creating decorative finishes. Renaissance Studio are proud to be the retailers for Staalmeester brushes. Renowned worldwide for their high quality high performance brushes now all available at Renaissance Studio in Pukekohe