The Ottoman Collection

Luxury Linen at its Very Best

History of Matelasse Bedcover Fabric:  Matelasse (Mat-lasei) is a French technique used in quilting, although it isn't a typical kind of quilting.  Intricate patterns are created by literally thousands of stitches that give the material the appearance of being padded.  These stitches aren't done by hand, but by a quilting machine or loom.  The Bedcover appears to be quilted, but this illusion is created by the many stitches sewn so closely and tightly together.  There are numerous possibilities when it comes to creating intricate patterns and designs with this technique.  The Ottoman Collection, is made from pure cotton and linen from Europe are the main ingredients that lend an exclusive touch with natural fibres and innovative design. 

Texture and Appearance:  The appearance of a Matelasse Bedcover is pure luxury.  The all-cotton fabric lends itself to some amazing designs that are raised to create a soft texture that makes you want to touch it.  The texture is so detailed that many people describe it as sculpted.  Many times, you will find a Matelasse that has been designed to be reversible.

Everyone deserves a home that they love being in - and here at Renaissance Studio, we want to help create yours.

This beautiful collection has been carefully chosen to introduce luxury for everyday living.

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