Heather's passion for knitting started at the young age of seven, when she expressed an interest of "taking up the needles" to her Mum.  Once she started, she was hooked and from there on the passion was ignited.

As her knitting knowledge grew, she developed more of a passion for true woolen garments as wool became more refined in its processing, variety of colours and textures and it had far greater health benefits, particularly for babies.

All of that wonderful natural squishiness of wool being turned into natural garments, which not only look good, but are durable and more beneficial for baby!  Hence why Heather enjoys knitting for our smallest people - they are full of squishiness and should be dressed accordingly.

Hoochee is Heather's childhood nickname that her beloved father christened her with, so she feels that it is an appropriate title for her passion and a tribute to her Dad.

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