Pre de Provence - Made in France 

Since as early as the ninth century, master soap makers in Marseille have created exquisite, gentle soaps, using native oils & the alkaline ash from marine plants of the Mediterranean.  These fine soaps containing 72% vegetable oils with no animal additives.  Now, less than five soap makers still craft Marseille soap according to centuries old tradition.  It takes the Maitre de Savon (Soap Master) two weeks to make Savon de Marseille.  The delicate mixture of ingredients are heated for ten days in antique cauldrons, then poured into open pits where it hardens.  More than a soap, it is the pride of Provence, a passion of craft, a praise to nature, a wholesome presence.  We use this soap to clean our brushes as it keeps the bristles soft & conditioned.  Great for all skin types especially sensitive skin & it is also fantastic for laundry use.

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