Downlights NZ is a New Zealand owned and operated fragranced soy candle company that manufactures luxury candles using artisanal techniques. Their candles are lovingly hand poured and the entire manufacturing process supports the development of a variety of workplace skills for people with Down syndrome and intellectual or learning disabilities.

The company’s tagline ‘illuminate-care-change’ amplifies their dream to set an example for other employers in New Zealand by looking to ‘illuminate’ and light the way by creating jobs and showing ‘care’ as a community by offering opportunities within their company. They hope that one day, this will pave the way for ‘change’ that leads to greater acceptance for people with special needs to be placed and valued in today’s growing workforce.

Downlights founded its beginnings with Illumina, which was born in 2013 from Jennifer’s passion and desire to create a luxe candle company that manufactured the longest burning fragrant hand poured soy candles. She dreamt of curating a library of unique fragrances that would easily transform a space in terms of light and mood, creating an ambience that could evoke past memories or inspire new ones.

Working with Francois Merle-Baudoin, a fifth generation award-winning French perfumer from the internationally famous Grasse parfumeries in the French Cote D’ Azure, she curated a full fragrance range for Illumina, each scent offering a unique fruity, floral, gourmand or woody undertone. She then set about manufacturing her candles using soy wax that was 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, with no GMO’s, using wicks that had no lead or zinc in them. Employing traditional techniques with the highest level of quality control, Illumina was launched as a luxe range. 

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