Uniquely formulated & engineered from the ground up using high quality raw materials & ingredients to create a rich & creamy Premium Chalk Paint that flows effortlessly with superior coverage from the first coat.

Designed with exceptional adhering qualities allowing you to paint straight onto just about any surface; varnished wood, metal, glass, matt plastic, concrete & more with no sanding or priming required.  This means you can transform just about anything from furniture, floors, decor... you're limited only by your imagination.  A fast dry time of approx 30-40minutes means you can complete a project within a day, & makes any paint project fast, easy & do=able.  All of our Artisanal paints are low in VOC have little to no odour allowing you to paint with peace of mind.

From velvety matte flat finishes, subtle textures, layered to textured & rustic, you can manipulate our Premium Chalk Paints into endless paint effects to suit your style & interiors.

Seal, decorate & finish your Premium Chalk paint finishes with either our waxes or lacquers to create bespoke decorative paint effects & finishes that are strong, durable & functional.

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