• Product Description

      This lovely Settee is sustainably sourced Mahogany, designed, handcrafted, and carved by artisans in Indonesia. Every piece from The Artisan Collection is twice kiln-dried to prevent the wood from cracking and distorting in New Zealand's humid climate. This brand-new Settee has been enhanced here in Renaissances studio using The Artisan Companys' Crisp White Velvet Luxe Hybrid Chalk Paint.

      Her warm creamy velvet upholstrey has been beautifully modernised by her Crisp White painted frame, not only allowing her to sit pretty in a modern envirmoment, but also allowing her to look beautiful in a more traditionally styled space too. 

      Click HERE to explore the amazing Artisan Company Hybrid Chalk Paint range.


      Dimensions:  180x70x90