• Product Description

      Bedroom suite number two is complete and we just love how soft and beautiful the finished product is! Belinda's chosen colour palette for this room is neutral and fresh, the simplicity of colour and tone has created a beautiful moment of calm in this space. The lovely hand-carved headboard and bedside details create an overall look of soft elegance. Subtly highlighted, the ornate floral details and bevels create depth within the pieces, enhancing the subtle texture of them and beautifully ageing the suite. 

      What we did:

      Painted in The Artisan Companys' Imperial Linen Premium Chalk paint with dark wax, Old Chiffon Premium Chalk Paint wash, then clear wax with Metro Silver Glide on the carved details and bevels. 

      The pots the plants sit in are painted in Potters Clay with Crisp White coloured wax.