• Product Description

      Black Truffle is our beautiful Warm Deep Earthy brown in the Artisan Stone Effects Range, ideal for tropical style homes, farmhouse rustic or those who are looking to create spaces with natural earthy tones. Mixes and blends well with Rustic Rye for a wide range of natural and earthy shades. Moody and  luxurious on walls creating an earthy look and feel and pairs stunningly with tropical greens or lush greenery. What is Artisan Stone Effects: A revolutionary Artisan Product proudly developed and made right here in NZ and we're pretty excited to be opening another realm of possibilities for our customers with this leading Artisanal product. Uniquely formulated from the ground up for Artisan quality, strength and versatility. It allows you to transform almost any surface into beautiful Artisan Stone Effects with little to no preparation with a freedom to create a wide range of different Stone Effects.  Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, from decor, pots to walls; your limited only by your imagination...Available in 4 carefully crafted Artisan colours loaded with rich pigments for that Artisanal quality and experience. We recommend applying Artisan Stone Effects with our recommended Artisan Stone Effects spreading tool kit or a Staalmeester brush. For best results use a combination of both which will allow you to create the widest range of Artisanal Stone Effects on your projects.  Approximately 16m2 per litre but highly dependent upon style, type of texture and finish  required. Available in a 1 Litre and 4 Litres.