• Product Description

      From a clean white to a delicious luxe finish. The classic combination of the deep luxurious blue with gold to enhance the details is seriously opulent!

      The Artisan Companys' Obsidian Blue with Carbon Black coloured wax creates the most perfect deep, rich, blue full of depth and mood. These large ornate statement mirrors have been popular lately, having recently completed one for our client in Clubhouse Grey and soon to revive another in a lighter and brighter colour scheme. They work beautifully in a large lounge room or hallway, drawing more light into the space and creating the illusion of a larger area. Stunning!
      What we did: Painted with Obsidian Blue Velvet Luxe, we then used a Carbon Black coloured wax, we then enhanced the carved details with The Artisan Companys' Forgotten Gold Glid. 

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      Click HERE to find The Artisan Comoanys' Forgotten Gold Glide