• Product Description

      Ferne's new colouring has lifted and softened her look, adding emphasis to her beautiful hand-carved curves and details. Achieved with the Spalter brush, the popular combination of The Artisan Companys Rubbed Sage Velvet Luxe paired with Crisp White Velvet Luxe is the perfect duo for a lovely, fresh and modern, country finish. The smooth warm green-grey springs to life with the contrast of the fresh crisp white, giving a soft and modern finish. 

      Sitting pretty in a well-lit dining or living room is where we picture her looking her best. Rubbed Sage works perfectly with surrounding colours of warm browns, neutrals, and any natural earthy tones. 

      Click HERE to find the beautiful Artisan Velvet Luxe Greens.

      Click HERE to find the amazing Staalmeester Spalter Brush.

      What we did:

      We used Rubbed Sage Velvet Luxe and Crisp White Velvet Luxe with the Staalmeester Spalter brush to achieve minimal brush strokes for a smooth and flat finish, the Spalter brush is great for achieving straight lines and cutting in also.

      Pick up a decent amount of paint on your Spalter brush, spread out and repeat keeping a wet edge. Once you have spread a section lightly tickle the brush over the paint in one direction, the fine synthetic bristles help minimize the appearance of brush strokes. 


      L - 1m, H - 2.06m, D - 450cm