• Product Description

      This lovely half-round table is gleaming with an aged golden hue. A beautiful ensemble of products used from The Artisan Companys Metallic Alchemy range was used to create Gisele's luxe and worldly finish. 

      Gisele was painted with a stippled technique to create a ruff and earthy stone effect adding a rustic character to her, this texture brings the reflective metallics to life as they play with the light beautifully bouncing off the raised and ruff texture. Another dimension of character used was metallic distressing and dry-brushing, adding a darker glazed hue around the edges and in selected areas adds a shimmery depth and interest to the piece. 

      What we did:

      Painted in a stippling technique using Old Espresso Premium Chalk Paint, we then dry brushed Potters Clay and Gretals Forest over her in select areas. We used a Marko Bronze and Milan Moonshadow Glaze, and the Bronzanite Gilde to bring her to life.



      D 360, L 710, H 670


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