• Product Description

      ‘Hattie’ has a strong wrought iron structure, but she was in need of some TLC, so we decided to give her a more luxurious finish. Our Artisan Metallic Alchemy Range, enables you to achieve amazing, complex finishes, that will add light and luminescence to the space that surrounds them.  ‘Hattie’ has been given a warm, tarnished copper, decorative paint finish.  The array of rich copper hues that have been layered, creates interesting depth, with stunning variation.  The cane inserts have been finished with Artisan Starling Velvet Luxe-Hybrid Chalk Paint, made up of 10 high quality pigments that respond beautifully to light and shadow.  This is an indoor, outdoor Paint that requires no wax or lacquer.   Screens like this are great to divide a space, or create mystique from one entry to another.

      What we Did:

      The cane inserts were painted in The Artisan Company's Starling Velvet Luxe.  The wrought iron was finished using Old Espresso Premium Chalk Paint, Jayda Rose and Marko Bronze Glazes.  Milan Moonshadow Glaze has been used on the leaf pattern together with Forgotten Gold and Bronzanite Glide.


      Height 1510, Each Individual Panel Length 390 x 3 = 1170.  This length will alter depending on how she is positioned