• Product Description

      This is a very dinky piece, as the tray can be lifted and the frame folded up, making it ideal for those, who have smaller spaces.  It is perfect to serve hors d’oeuvres on, when entertaining your guests. Once you have passed the tray around, it simply sits back into the frame.  A simple, but delightful piece, that has been given a simple, yet stylish finish.  The Artisan Company’s Velvet Luxe was used here, a paint that self-levels and requires no wax or lacquer.  It is an ideal paint for interior and exterior use.  Metallic Crème has been used, just on the edging, to highlight the tray.

      What we Did:

      Painted in Artisan Carbon Black Velvet Luxe and the edging of the tray highlighted using Artisan Pewter Metallic Creme.


      Diameter 480, Height 500