• Product Description

      Ella has been given a fresh new lease on life.  We were able to preserve the hardware as it was in great, original condition.  She is a strong piece of solid oak furniture. By giving her a lighter finish, the detail of her beautiful glass doors now stands out.  She is a piece of furniture that truly stands tall & proud.  She is a one of a kind piece of Bespoke Furniture that will proudly display all of your much loved possessions.


      H 1960cm 

      D 460cm 

      W 1410cm 

      What we did:

      Ella was hand painted in Vintro Yorkshire Stone Chalk Paint “No Seal” on the interiors to give a smooth finish & the exterior was done in Vintro Yorkshire Stone Chalk Paint, lightly textured, Stonebreaker Coloured Wax & a Pearl Lustre to give her a soft & subtle finish.

      Inspired by this project book into Renaissance Studio workshop click here