• Product Description

      Nellie reminds us very much of yesteryear.  Pieces like this used to adorn what was called Hallways, now more commonly referred to as Entrance Ways.  For those of you who remember, this is where our Mum's, Nana's and Caregivers would sit with their cuppa, nattering away on the old dial up phones.  They were not cordless, so they used these small, but comfy little pieces to enjoy some downtime, catching up with friends and family.  Foreign to many now, but very memorable pieces for many of us. 

      We wanted to use the same colour on this piece, but interpret it in two different ways to show you the scope that The Artisan Company Paint Range offers.  The possibilities are endless with our Paint System and here we just show you two simple and easy ways to achieve finishes that have loads of interest depth.

      What we Did:

      The upholstery was painted in Gretel's Forest Velvet Luxe, a perfect paint for a project like this, as it requires no Wax or Lacquer, due to it self sealing properties.  The body of the piece was completed using Gretel's Forest Premium Chalk Paint and deepened by applying Carbon Black Coloured Wax.  Forgotten Gold Glide has been used to highlight the pieces.


      Depth 430, Height 650, Length 830