• Product Description

      These solid Bedside Tables were in much need of some TLC.  With the newly released 2022 Winter Limited Edition Colour ‘Kingsley’, we couldn’t resist completing them in this colour.  They have been enhanced and deepened further with a Coloured Wax and Metallic Glide.

      Kingsley is a vibrant colour, crafted and made here in NZ.  It has 8 high quality pigments that make it a highly reactive colour that adjust to all types of lighting.

      A limited number of Kingsley have been manufactured and are available for a limited time, or until sold out.

      What we Did:

      Painted in The Artisan Company's Kinsley Premium Chalk Paint, Carbon Black Coloured Wax and Forgotten Gold Glide.


      Length 460, Depth 380, Height 610

      Sold as a set of 2