• Product Description

      Her lovely 70s character with her light and bright decorative paint finish create a beautiful, unique, bespoke statement piece. The Artisan Companys' Premium Chalk Paint has been layered and softly buffed providing subtle age, variation and beautiful depth between colour tones. Adding the Luna Lustre Metallic Glaze to her curved edges and details creates a lacquered shine and subtle pearl-like shimmer, enhancing her scalloped edges and curved details. Portia's decorative paint finish allows her to sit beautifully in a modern space, creating an eclectic look and feel between the modern and 70s styles. Her soft warmth and subtly aged finish will tone in beautifully with earthy and warm hues in your home.


      What we did:

      Painted in The Artisan Companys Potters Clay Premium Chalk Paint, we used a Crisp White and Potters Clay coloured wax and a Luna Lustre Glaze on the edges and details.


      H 1650, L 1110, D 430

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