• Product Description

      Hand-carved Mahogany elegance - Adaline's soft and light decorative paint finish revealing the stunning detailing and craftsmanship of the table and chairs. The lovely curvature of the inner sprung chairs embraces the natural position of your back for a snug and comfortable dining experience. These curved lines follow through to the dining table top also, creating a beautiful cohesion between the two elements. The curved lines of the tabletop positions the chairs on a slight inward angle, adding to the optimal and comfortable dining experience.

      Adaline's regal nature was brought to life through her beautiful reupholstered chairs. The warmth of the delicate woven trim tones in perfectly with the plush oatmeal fabric. The soft grey leaf design imprinted on the fabric creates subtle contrast between the warm and cool tones, this allows the fabric to become the focal point of the piece without the warm tones becoming overpowering.

      The subtle highlight of the hand-carved detailing was enhanced through layering and shading techniques. Using layers of darker shades underneath the light whites creates subtle depth and movement over the piece, again toning in beautifully with the lovely upholstery. 

       What we did:

      Painted in The Artisan Company's Beluga Premium Chalk Paint, waxed with a Potters Clay coloured wax. Then a subtle dry brush of Beluga over the top, to finish we used Clear wax.


      Hight 750, Length, 1750, Depth 1130.

      Interested in this piece? Click here to book into our workshop where you will learn the techniques to create this decorative paint finish.